Saturday, July 30, 2005

Whats happening to the Earth???

Mera Mumbai.. :-((

Mid Term after 2 and Half years

So finally got registered in this "blog", supposedly the site being used by most of the bloggers... The last blog written was just before leaving the Reliance. The company that gave me a lot to sit and relax and recall all those happy moments and the time that "we" shared.. I was looking at one of those posts and was reading the mail of a friend. Things have changed a lot. was used to not to sit at one place and thought of being silent.. no way. Now i am sitting in my room for more than 5 hrs. and had a few chats with people here. City.. outing.. gosh.. its been 4 weeks we went out of the campus gate.. movies.. which movie is releasing?? or which all movies were released last month.. :-/ no idea.. No salary since last month. :-(.. The entire mumbai is flooded.. and i am here..seeing those photos of the campus.. AND preparing for the exams. back to student life.. mid term exams.. after 2 and half years. again differences.. Those were techincal papers.. And i am reading the organizationl behavior... Shit. all my research is gone waste... all my concepts are already covered in the theory.. but why a written exam in such a paper. You should get the recommendations from your work group and your superiors as this is not just the theory. You need to have the correct application.. This is the most important thing. and when i see all those just-graduated people arguing vaguely in the class,i could only smile.. and hope that they would follow all the things once they are in the organization. Then they would not complain that this is all theory.. They wouldnt say that 98% people dont follow it.. so they wouldnt again. I wish they dont forget that before giving the Authority you need to give the training and give the support.. They would be more friendly in dealing with peers and more caring for the juniors and sub-ordinates.. that they would not fear to say something logical even against their superiors.. that they would give kind ears to the concerns of their juniors.. and what not.. let them get all the "virtues" to be said as the lovable manager. .. Now back to studies.. :-)