Thursday, September 22, 2005

Do i need one everytime???????

Term one is over. so fast.. Now the world looks more familiar. but there seems no change between the terms.. i think this is the main reason for NOT having freshness even when this is a new term... We have our own biases and very quickly we stereotyped profs within 10 min.. only one prof is able to click my mind. all others are partially sick or trying to be effective teacher... the prof of Organization theory is not himself organised.. and the cost accounting prof seems to have zero value.. the macroeconomics is below poverty line for the student-facility dialogue during the class hour.. wht else.. the ISS prof is good. but his subject doesnt give me drive. may be till mid term i could add one more subject as my likeness.. i hope so..
many works to do.. before the end of this term, the futures would be decided. the initiatives have been taken. pressure is increasing.. pressure to be competent to the world which is still unseen.. the world of a manager.. the technical knowledge which is never supposed to be technical by us.. the interview which is supposed to last for hours to pick u or to leave u for some other slots. to be taken by some other field people.. but what i want?? a summer interns in finance?? or a summers which would give me some knowledge and opporunity to choose my career.. I think this is the best way you can just go and check whether you are really gonna like the future that u want... or try something else.. the future contract has to be signed in the november but before that i have to hedge myself. so that i will get the most of it.. Hope all goes well... and meanwhile... my bombay trip.. :-)