Friday, March 06, 2009

why dont i write a technical one ever!!

like everyone else of my surroundings.. um.. not surroundings. people whom i know as friends or people whom i have shared those 100 min learning experiences everyday for 2 years.. or 55 min for 4 years.. people are thinking and ending up with some conclusions... some of them have got their hands with someone's hands, as close as touching their hearts with them.. some of them have got their noses in the pockets and thinking of dipping those more into those and still not getting enough.. they should not as well, as its the start of their career... let it proliferate with the biggest of successes of lifetime.. meanwhile a few pictures randomly pop up to me.. and amaze me..

i saw a photocopy shop owner yesterday.. he was a boy, some 15 years back.. riding fast bicycles.. shouting at people.. having those cheer up smiles of getting the young age at his hands.. looking for more and saying to the world that he would shine.. or he rocks/rules.. whatever.. i never noticed him later.. or i did, but never thought at length about him... i tried to draw the missing life of 15 years of his... with extra tempo and no recognition of the core of it, he might have tried many of the things.. or he might not have, even.. he might have done his graduation/post graduation or may be, he might not have done.. but he must have thought about earning money and he might have landed with a sum of money to start a shop.. small enough to get his money repaid for the cost of photocopying machine in the time of what duration,he doesn't know himself.. years passed and since there was no other photocopy shop in that area, he got a sum of money to diversify it to become a small shop for the printouts and the small write ups as well.. then he got another photocopy machine, much, he works with both .. but.. where he is now and where he was 15 years back, are the two different things..

practically a situation we all end up with.. people have dreams and the guts to talk about their dreams till the time they have the energy and not-so-surrendering-attitude-towards-unknown-correlations-of-life.. they have their friends when they pass out of, so to say, iit.. 3-4 years pass.. more years.. and they had thought to meet again sometime in the future.. that time doesn't come that so soon either.. people take 2 of their decisions of life and get more in returns(read, kids) as well to make their life busy in their social circle of family-family relatives-family friend- office friends.. where are the old people.. they are there.. not on calls..either in the memory... of course the happiest ones.. and in their messages of "whassup?" or "anything new".. when practically none have the time or energy to give proper ears to so many new things happened over those years.. life moves on.. and after sometime we also leave those dreams.. in the decisions of to only those two big decisions of life. that sums up the life.. there are rarest people who go beyond those two decisions.. follow their dreams.. and they only make up to the history...

i still wonder what happens at the age of 70.. do you look back and think about your life.. and then sigh and say, this is the life you wanted..and at the hindsight, you know you have killed so much of yours so many times.. or, may be you love it always.. i feel contented most of the times.. am i old at this age itself?? hehe..

and the life goes on..