Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another nightout. :-)

Sometimes i wonder.. did i ever think about it or i have thought more about these topics than anyone else here.. the purpose of the life.. each and everyday that comes to you gives you some more opportunity to bring some change in the way you are living or the environment that belongs to you. but do i do anything for any of these except doing some random crap bakar through different channels.. but again, is discussing is actually bad..

Did a similar thing all night.. and definitely enjoyed it to the core.. but there was no output as such. could be the benefit is intangible. may be i got to know a person more and i got to learn a new point of view or i argued with logic for quite a lot of time and later lost the track or it showed that i have become more rigid or this is acting as a feedback for me about what should be done or its a feedback of what shouldnt be done.. overall there had been so many things that i could say that there was some gain and the cost was just the sleep which i can manage anytime.. at least this is what i believe the most about myself..

Just wondering.. wont this be a great place to prepare all the personal questions for the interview.. it is.. and would utilize it from this night only.. :-)

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