Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I say...

i was trying to correlate so many things lately.. read two books of ‘Paulo cohelo’ in a week...’ Brida’ and ‘Eleven minutes’.. recalled others.. a half hearted unsuccessful reading attempt of the biggest booker prize winner,’The midnight's children’.. a few interactions with old friends.. many old stories to cherish...some heartbreaks for a few.. i never want those to happen.. a few altercations with people over their business issues.. some remembrance of fight over things for those who had been close to heart for 5 years now.. then a few interviews today with discussions.. openly with one and closed one with the second one.. a smile on face while returning back of an unknown success of not-so-tangible yet worthy time spent.. and now watching 'Rock on'.. just like adi saying.. Again!! once again.. again of again i guess for the 8th time now.. in a few weeks.. a closeness to ‘Pretty woman’.. a closeness to ‘Notting hill’... a deep likeness for ‘Shall we dance’.. a major attachment for ‘Remember the titans’.. die hard supporter of 'My experiment with the truth'.. love with 'Fountainhead'.. many drops of tears after 'The god of small things'.. 'A thousand splendid suns'.. a line of satisfaction of smile after 'Kite runner'.. a beauty of innocence of 'Anything for you ma'm'.. an appreciation and overwhelmed feeling for a few THE profs of iitk... an admiration for those who taught at iimc... a respect for the places i had been.. i got guidance.. i learned.. i am learning.. a care for the people who influenced and taught me to live.. a respect for parents.. an affection to family.. a love for those who are not known to you.. an unknown love and affection for whom you know.. a sense of writing successfully all this.. as now i know a bit of the meaning of the purity, the sacredness of thoughts, the innocence of knowledge, the logic of emotions.. as i know that the one thing that makes the core of all of it.. its THE HONESTY!! a smile of understanding the efforts with which all this is created.. a pride for why i get to like, love, admire, adore each and everything of it..

'tum ho to hai sab haasil... tum nahi to kya hai yahan..'

'tumko hai mangtiii.. ye zindagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'........... :-)

A tribute to ‘Rock on’, a salute to ‘Magik’ the band, and a belongingness to Prachi Desai(Sakshi) who inspired me to write this after watching the scenes and songs of it for the 8th times in 4 weeks…..


Chhavipreet Singh said...

"a love for those who are not known to you.. an unknown love and affection for whom you know.. a sense of writing successfully all this" ah i like these lines.....refreshingly b'ful post....straight from heart....no second thoughts.
pure feelings in the form of most simples of words...expressing the most interesting of minds in the most interesting state....ah...awesome!!

ashkd said...

Thanks Chhavi!

it feels good to know that the sense of purity is transferred while reading it.. :-)