Thursday, April 16, 2009

i also want to be a celebrity!! :-)

There is a show at mtv which talks about "the celebrity" of india.. their business, money, spending money, cars, suits, bags and finally the worth of their vampire empire.. sometimes it looks like that these people can have anything in the world..

properties worth Rs. 500 crores.. cars worth Rs. 100 crores.. the scariness of the sentences haunt you later and amaze you at the figures first.. people take decisions based upon some thousands, lakhs.. your mouth won’t open to charge 5 crores for an ad.. an ad which would be of max 100 secs.. may be it would take some 10 hrs time of the celebrity to get it final shot.. or may be even lesser.. so such a person can charge more than 50 lakhs an hour.. costing Rs. 1500 per second.. the new criteria for the BPL is earning less than $2 per day.. and there are more than 70 crores people in india with such a status currently.. these "celebrity" can match this criteria in just 1/15th of a second.. there are some 86400 secs in a day..

this makes me wonder about indian astrology.. they talk about luck, future.. and the planetary positions.. there are some 70 crores people who have similar fates.. and there are some so damn rich celebrity who can guide the world under their toes.. which combination of planets has done this to them?? and i wonder more for their kids.. just because they had that combination of fate, their sons automatically got the similar or even better fate-planet-combinations.. and this propagates over the generations.. so some low probabilistic thing is getting thinner and thinner to be probabilistically valid.. but it does.. same for those BPL people..

Big B gets 115 crores for writing his blog.. i pay for internet and electricity for writing this blog.. am i also not BPL?? hehehe... :P


rajababu32000 said...

Nice comments , what puzzles me too is the astrological challanges your comments throws. These guys were at the right time and at the right place WITH RIGHT KIND OF TALENT and luck did play an important role. amitabh was bankrupt not too far if you look in retrospect. his business ventures bombed and he now is a believer. WHO IS RAHUL GANDHI ? and all attention he gets in because being a Gandhi. just heard in a tv interview , a girl wanted rahul as PM when asked why ? because he looks good ?

ashkd said...

@rajababu32000.. thanks for the comment.. :-) i am specifically not writing 'rajababu'.. a few people know it why??

absolutely correct.. how can someone say that he has all the qualities to become a PM.. i guess he has the at least one quality that is being from 'gandhi family'.. i am too skeptical about any other quality..

do enable access to your profile as well..

~keep writing.. :-)

rajababu32000 said...


Good to read your comment.
Got 2 know from your blogs the immense potential and the diction you have to articulate your thoughts.

You must give it a serious thought to professional writings, comments or may be fiction.

ashkd said...

thanks once again!! :-)

i am thinking in the same line.. have started writing something.. and now i have known how difficult is to give proper value to interest and good use of words within the boundary of a chapter.. hats off to all the writers.. its really remarkable to write a book..

you too start writing here and share your blog sometime.. :-)