Monday, August 17, 2009

Some old attempts... less than one year old...

It does make it redundant of having same sketches at two places, but i haven't made any new recently, also i thought that the blog is an appropriate medium for creativity and orkut being more like a display of creativity.

~Happy Day!!!


Anonymous said...

awesomeness! first one is amazing...put up more! :) -manushee

ashkd said...


thanks for the comment.. :-) i know my sketches cant beat your regular awesome creativity.. :-) would surely add a few more.. bear with those.

keep coming!! :-)

Priti said...

Lovely and real thoughtful sketches.. I liked the first one more

ashkd said...

@ Priti..

Thank you so much for the comment.. Am glad you liked any of it.. hehe.. :-) these are the same sketches i had uploaded on orkut last year.. Remember!! :-)

~Keep coming.. Keep commenting.. :-)