Monday, August 01, 2005

Mohabbtein Lutaaonga

Is title always important?? or even the name!!! It happened today.. I lost my "username"... was shocking.. always used to use 'ashkd' and it was not working. was shocking for the self-proclaimed memory in TB and speed in THz... all the processors were down and had to take the help of the "recover username".. well.. i got it finally...

now the title.. "Mohabbtein Lutaaonga"... just a few minutes back i wrote something.... "Life is too short to relax and too long to wait for those relaxed moments".. When i think that i wont get the time to even relax then will i be able to
"Mohabbtein Lutaaonga"..!!!!!!!! dont know. was reading one of the blogs of a friend.. she had written about the marriages of "unknown" friends(at least for me)..yesterday night i came to know that a few were "known".. and in the afternoon i got a few more info about those "known" ones.. I remember and quite a few time use also... "duniya bahut chhoti hai".. think this is the all what the reality is.... And if the world is really chhoti then definitely "Mohabbtein Lutaaonga".. no doubt.. more confident and happy now... why does this always happen!!! after writing something about the present state i feel very very relaxed.. at least good for me... :-)

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