Thursday, August 11, 2005

"The use of mental imagery is one the most strongest and the most effective strategies for making something happen for you..."
or to say
"Imagination is more important than knowledge"..
But what i have seen in last 2-3 days is beyond imagination by anybody and this was without imagination at all.. the kind of work was pathetic and made me think whether anyone... really has anyone has thought ever to what the person is doing it again and again. May be the group of the persons who had started had thought over it and they proposed this scene.. Now, nothing is changed.. as i think.

Was reading a story sent by Mr. Khaitan, aka Frankenstein... The story was of guy who preferred to be away from all this environment.. So called Country environment by him.. and finally in the company interview he was asked about all these things only... The story says that "he got all wrong".. why do you want to say it Wrong.. just because the person wanted and opted to be away from all this.... whats wrong in believing and doing so.. And that too considering the environment as "country" only.. i dont agree. this all seems to be more egotistic rather than being Kuntry... moreover why will u be so excited just to see them(XL) cheering their guys. Cant u choose a simple and plain language to reply them back.. why dont u use the same thing when u join the company. why do u always want to indulge in a dual life standard.. A new kinda hypocrisy. A Hypocrisy of the society.. of a group of people. of people who cannot think over it again... and believe that they are so called modern.. when they curse the old tradition.. just because those all are the old fashioned thing... but just think.. that is also a tradition.. get yourself involved in Child marriages, Sati and all the rubbish things that used to part of the "tradition".. then you simply that its not possible.. once again simple hypocrisy.. but can i really tell all these people that they should start thinking in a different direction. .. i just tried to start something today.. wrote a mail to the person who seems to be quite interested to do so.. and a mail to the group.. noone has replied till now..... was that the case in the job.. or in IIT.. people really want to talk and dont want to do anything.. ideas dont click or if they click they are not following just coz of the culture and tradition..

At this time i can think of Krishna and Bhishma..Bhishma was following tradition. Krishna was iconoclast.. and sometimes you have to be like Krishna... The environment at the time of Ram was different and he had to be a "Maryada Purushottam". This was not the case with Krishna.. Someone has to come forward to give the changes or just show the second side of the coin... but how?? a big confusion.. :-(


Hum bhi shaamil ho gaye jugnuon ke jaloos mein,
unki hee agwayee humein kabool ho gayee...

I dont want this to happen with me.. I am confident and need people...

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