Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Blogging the blog..

Now when i am writing something here.. the one thing is keep coming in my mind.. the need of the platform and how the person can effectively use it.. had a discussion with one of my friends regarding the importance of writers in general. and the use of blogs in particular. .. naturally the comments from me were biased as i had just my view.. though i was able to convince the person, i started thinking in the same line.. and realised that whts the scope of different norms and moreover whats the use of it as well.. is the writers responsibility to give good everytime... or is it the case that the writer can write anything... without the explanation of the views.. the idea of the blog is considered to be different.. its like an informal diary but its made available for the people to read and comment at the same time. but what would happen if a writer comes here and starts writing something with the proclaimed fame of being a writer.. I started thinking on this line and i realised that the writers also need some informal place to express their ideas but in that case the writer is not a writer. he/she is a just common human being.. "the" 'writer' is now "a" 'person'.. and this a person can openly express its ideas, feelings and comments.. but in that case the writer should clearly identify him/herself as just a common person.. but wht if the entry to the blog is also as a writer... then what should be the behavior.. what i was thinking could be totally weird to read... but if the person is claiming to be a writer even on blog then the writings should also be mixed. the mood should change and the style should too.. the writer can follow a particular school of writings but for the common people the obligation is that it should have some mix of different feelings and thoughts.. so in that case the particular school of writing is no more applicable..

The writer's work is to show life.. how it changes, how it works.. how it is good.. and what makes it bad.. all the colors and tones should be there then only there would be a good complete picutre and good composed music as well..............

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Amit Gupta said...

oh! so I made you think on similar lines as well ;-)
If all writers, while writing, just go with the flow of their thoughts, wouldn't it give rise to more frank and less pretentious writing?