Wednesday, February 01, 2006

nothing helps a bad mood as spreading it around.. :D

Reading the line
" Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life" doesnt make any sense... It does make a bit of sense for my day.. saying that.. its my so called horoscope for the day,it does make me think about the day that just passed out.. and the day reminds me of the concept that i have given.. "Male Period"..
Was thinking to write blog today. why??? donno.. but really after so many days i again felt a down turn.. reasons. unknown.. trying to find out but nothing more than "Male Period"... whts that??
Opened my blog to write.. but somehow i got to open Sadana's blog.. coincidence.. he has just written an entry in his blog as well.. happened to read more of his and my thinking matched with one of his blogs.. why this happens... why a person feels sad without any reason.. when everything is fine all around him.. when there is nothing to worry about.. or may be there is but nothing to worry at present.. its all for future.. or the past which has already gone..nothing related to the present.. but saying this is again contradicting the continuity of the team and believing that nothing happens arbitrily.. there are links.. may you cannot see them..

lots of discussions on the issues which are related to each and every person of the campus.. for some people it has got more value.. as this is related to their career path.. for some its even more important as this would decide whether they would be able to start a career after "passing" out of this place.. what about me? i donno.. but being an event manager has always been a work that i love to do.. and i am damn good in it... there are other issues.. some "would that" or "had i".. or time.. cant say.. lets bear it as it had to happen.. considering you made so many mistakes.. like unforced errors in a tennis match...

Reading one of the blogs.. there are always comments about the events.. that reminds of the three thinking techniques which i happend to encounter as a theory of someone close to me... dont remember who told me that.. the topic of the "topic of the discussion".. for an average person its always 'people'.. for a good thinking person.. its 'events'.. and for genius people.. its 'ideas'.. but these cannot be said as the three distinct ideas cannot be discussed without involving people and always this is based upon some incidents.. so events, people and ideas define the sensibility of the discussion... I remember 'him', often saying that there are two kind of toppers.. one, who are born intelligent.. others, who work hard to be in the pace.. i guess 'he' has done a very well job.. at least from the outside view....whats the reality.. but again.. is reality always necessary?? what the hell is all thing..

Recently had a hot discussion on the "sense" of the movie.. many people just go on the scenes that are shown.. moreover, they know that the message or the sense of the movie/story may not be that visible.. you might have to dig things to get something valuable of it.. but even then they cant think to feel the sense.... moreover they claim and question the thinking of the other person.. whats all this? dont you see the kind of immaturity of the thought process somewhere.. somewhere something is missing.. the links are not there.. the thinking is misleading.. i can say.. there is no thinking involved to think of such rubbish thinking..

Whats all this?? I guess CnH has very well said..

"nothing helps a bad mood as spreading it around.. :D"....... really this is all about the matter written here... enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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