Friday, February 03, 2006

Yes.. i do..

We read so many things daily.. we get something about it.. but most of this goes as waste.. human mind is not capable to store so many thing... analyse so much.. in the end, the efficiency so less.. This is one part of the waste that i do daily.. apart from this, i waste so much time doing nothing.. learning absolutely nothing.. progress stagnated..
Everyday starts with nothing.. absoultely BLANK.. sometimes i become surprised when i get up.. i always get up with some shock... phew.... and i get up.. and then it takes a few seconds to realise myself.. who i am and where i am and why i have got up this time.. seems like some mental problem or i always get involved with my dreams so much.. and as my sleep has never been sound.. i always get a shock when i get up... then what?? whats the plan of the day.. never made.. thought about it many a times but never had courage to give it in pen and paper.. some fear is there.. quite unknown... something which has gone to its core.. i dont want to dig it and it never comes to the surface as well... so leave it in peace where it is.. i am not bothered..
Was reading a text file written by me.. 'feelings'.. one of the most pious feelings that i have ever received.. ever thought.. the question is still unknown... had asked the question many a times to myself but never got any answer for this.. always thought that the time would tell... and it always remains.. a never beginging of the answer.. a never end of the thinking...... so time passes by and i wait to let it pass..
but still i say.. still... yes.. i do.............

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