Friday, January 11, 2008

Tujhe sab hai pata na......

After a long long time i am here.. Though wanted to write for a long but didnt feel so much of drive from inside me.. I want people to improve, i want to give my best, i try very very hard.. Sometimes it goes beyond my limitations.. handling so many people, so many problems, and still trying to get the best solution is always very difficult.. changing your reference is very good but there is a limit of efficiency.. Can i do it everytime??? i am not perfect.. i am not God.. i have my own limitations.. but i set very high standards for myself.. and try to achieve it as well.. i care for certain people.. for others i just want to give my best.. for whom i care, i always want to see them happy... but once again its not possible for them as well to be happy all the time.. i too donot want them not to fluctuate.. but then.. please have faith on me.. i am not perfect.. but i would be a good listener.. thats a promise and i am sure that i would do it..

But dont you think thats its an expectation from the other person that he/she should have faith on you.. why?? let them have it or not.. thats completely on them.. your task is to do what you think that you are supposed to do.. but once again.. being a supporter and a listener is again my task.. I just want people to be happy and as they are.. nothing else.. mujhe sab to nahi pata.. bas itna hee pata hai.. that "Smile is contagious.. so spread it around.. and for that just smile.. nothing more than that... "

~Keep Smiling.. :-)

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Chhavipreet Singh said...

"sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on"....hhmm....and it really
feels good to know that a shoulder
is there for u all the time...ready
to make u smile....and one need not
be a God for that....a simple "trust"
makes way for huge achievements....n i don't see any shortage of that....on either side.

keep spreading smiles :)