Thursday, February 28, 2008

Apni kahani bol.... Glorifying Radha..a useless attempt to give word to the world's greatest lover..

There are many mythological stories which glorifies a few characters while neglecting many more.. this cannot be blamed to the writer as the writer was giving justice to the character he/she was glorifying.. but it does create a space for other writers to at least think about all those characters..

If i take the example of Radha of Krishna.. the character was properly glorified till the time she was with Krishna in Gokul.. but after that, there is only a mention of Udhav going to gokul again, to tell all gopikas including Radha that they should start worshiping the nirakar representation of The God.. but Radha takes the inititative in terms of telling udhav the proper art of loving a person.. the objective of this story was again glorifying the character of Krishna, in the sense he could easily know that all this is going to happen and by this he wanted to let udhav know, what is the meaning of true devotee to the God..

But what happened before or after all this to Radha... noone knows, or we dont care to know all about it... lets take a hypothetical situation where we are writing about Radha.. Radha was a very very happy person.. she didnt know when she had started loving krishna.. she was always overwhelmed with the personality of Krishna.. they were always together and there was sense of slefless love and a sense of comfort that the best person of the world was with her.. the sign of contentment was there.. the total happiness and nothing else was always there with Radha.. then the time had come when Krishna had to leave Gokul and had to go to Mathura.. Krishna, who was the innocent and pure lover as he was THE person and THE lover, he didnt say anything harsh to her. it would have been very very upsetting for her to leave him... there would have only a comfort zone and a promise that kept Radha waiting for Krishna.. there was a completer care, otherwise Radha wont have been remembering Krishna after a long he had gone.. she was very sure that he would come back, as there was nothing demanding in that relationship.. its been true to yourself and understaing the other person at its best possible way.. giving the full time perform one's duty and still being patient enough to wait for endless days and still being hopeful to get a glimpse of his presence.. if i consider and comapre the love of Radha to any other gopika... the relation of Radha was the purest and thats why only she could be called as the lover of Krishna... having been caught so many hearts, being married to so many Ranis, The love of Krishna with Radha was the undisputalby the best of the world.. there were some kind of possessiveness in every kind of the relationship that any of the gpoikas were having.. as soon as udhav had come, each and every one had started showing her love.. everyone wanted her share.. everyone wanted her own Krishna.. everyone was looking outside for her love.. everyone wanted to show that her love was the greatest of all the time.. there was a fight... there was a competition.. but love doesnt ask for competition.. its always there in giving and not asking in return.. only the ask is to not to forget and respect the feelings..its based upon the self-respect. not on the grounds of ego.. thats why only she was able to show the correct picture of love to udhav.. and had influenced him to the core to love Krishna like she was loving him..

I believe that the work assigned to her was complete by Krishna's grace after this.. and Krishna must have given her mokhsha after this.. but she wont have asked for it and in the end Krishna must have given her the place in his heart.. she must have left Gokul and noone could have ever wondered about where she had gone.. they could have always guessed it, which would have been wrong everytime.. as to understand such kind of love, you have to first of all leave all grudges and look in the eyes of the one you love with the best of the self respect possible.. and then take the relationship forward to the end of the life to the happiest moments of the life together and beyond...

I love this kind of selfless love..

Let there be love all around.. and life becomes worthwhile loving the way the life loves each and every loving creature of the lovely world created by the love of universe, the God herself...

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