Thursday, September 18, 2008

words popping.. here and there.. as they want..

snapshots of my diary...

from someone to me..


just chill khush raho dear. jai mata di


Kamal ho tussi :-) :-) :-)


My friendship is not like rain that pours & goes but its more like the air sometime keeps quiet but its always there around 'u'..


Good m'ning. Have a nice stay :-)


Nahi yaar still there.. 25 mins to go :)


:).. Abhi 2328.. Good night and happy birthday again..


A Birthday wish for real happiness :-) For today and all year through. Happy B'day dear. May MATA bless u always. jai mata di.


Ok ji.. Finally we coordinate.. :P

start of 2007..

To write anything about life at IIMC in last two years frightens me from inside. It gives me enough discouragement to not to be brave to do any kind of justice to what had happened.. there are some things which i clearly donot want to write, discuss or let it be known by any stranger.. Was there any dream in mind to come here.. was it just another decision.. The decision was proper and more-or-less that is also achieved..

April 2007

Do we need to think about everything in life.. yes.. we do need to think about the things which matter but what about things which are never there.. which are only your assumptions and fear.. Is the word 'karma' is not that important that you start worrying about smaller issues.. And then, those smaller issues become so important that you forget the main thing..

End April 2007

I couldn't make it to his wedding.. wanted to go but i think that it was not on my cards..


there are different equations being solved simultaneously but every equation thinks that it is the one which would decide the final solution.. Its the biggest myth of the life that we donot see the big picture..
Have to update myself.. have to update people as well.. Lot to do.. let the life be hectic.. I love to be in that state..


There are people who want to be get attached with me, trying for long.. I am still not thinking in any of such directions.. And, some people still remind me of 8 year old stories... I just wonder most of the times, what she be doing just now..


Another day starts with a similar bubble in the stomach.. This bubble is of inaction or of the fear of what is to be done next..
I donot really want help from anyone right now.. Till the time permits.. till the will power lasts.. till there is strength in me.. I would drive myself with self-respect and self-confidence.. I just want these from almightly, God..


I really enjoy and Love talking to Princess.. Its a very happy feeling for me always..

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Mishti said...

who is the sweetie Princess? :D