Wednesday, May 06, 2009

... "Imagination is more important than knowledge!!!"

kids.. so pure.. so innocent.. so selfless.. we grow.. we learn.. become worldy-smart.. and forget the basics that we knew very well when we were kids.. we were not afraid of the results.. we tried.. we learnt to walk.. to speak... we did all sorts of mistakes and became an expert.. we donot know what a child suffers and struggles with at that age of learning.. but we grow and start thinking that all the most difficult problems of the world are growing around us only.. we stop learning..we stop making mistakes..we stop taking challenges..we don't run.. we don't fall.. we don't get up.. we are afraid of the world.. moresoever we are afraid of ourselves of failure.. we don't do.. and then we also expect that we should get the best results of our so-called not-so-efforts..

and in all this we believe that we have grown up and stop ignoring the sweetest, purest, loveliest creature of god own love.. kids.. whenever i meet kids, i am moved.. i never get so much creative replies from a grown up.. we all live in the world of our own meanness and think that this is being "practical" in life.. but a kid is living in many worlds.. one is the world that they are seeing(that we are seeing as well but the same world is more corrupt through our own eyes and by our own deeds) and others are different worlds of their own individual infinitely different imaginations.. may be those imagined world are overlapping also.. an elephant might be looking like a lion in that world.. and when it meets the another dog-looking-elephant of another world, they know each other as elephants only.. may be the fundamentals of relativity wont be that difficult as understanding the meaning of their worlds by us "practical" people of "real" world.. may be einstein have been inspired by those small imaginations to get the theory of relativity.. whenever i think of being smarter, i think of being kid again and start thinking through his brains.. its difficult.. but i do want to run.. i do want to fall in this struggle of understanding their worlds..

there is a dream in me.. i don't know what started this.. may be some kids whom i had seen wandering aimlessly.. or bombay local trains.. very small kids concentrating on coins rather than on their self.. or a few imaginations of the slums and seeing the slum-realities as even worse.. or may be the horrifying pictures of the life of the kids of prostitutes.. or some unwanted kids thrown somewhere by their not-acceptable parents.. ( i donot say that those kids were unacceptable.. as God could accept them in Her world.. then surely God didnt want those parents to be the parents of those kids.. )

i want to adopt a few children.. may be 2.. i would LOVE to look after them as my own kids.. give them whatever they want from me as a father of them.. (or may be as mother would be more appropriate).. give them the life as what it is not.. but what they would like it to be.. i would not like them to be the "practical" in the way the world thinks this term to be.. i would like them to be imaginative.. free.. individual.. and full of mental strength to fight for what they are/want themseleves to be... frankly, i do not want to have my own kids.. i believe that there are so many kids already in the earth to be taken care of, that there is no need to give it more.. (if we can't take care of the present numbers itself)

whenever i talk about these things, people say it to be rubbish.. its been 7-8 years of my such thinking and i still find it very right.. not rubbish at all.. i had talked to profs at IIM as well for such thinking of mine.. someone recently said to me to open an old age home, not to give a home to kids.. i think we have better responsibility for the future.. past has gone to memories.. and those memories are the beauty, happiness of life.. but we also have to think about making more happy future.. that future should be more progressive, productive, lovely and beyond our imagination.. i respect old people, i take care of them.. i would like to make future more memorable for those old people as well.. and thats only possible by giving command to more responsible kids..

i would like to have things working for this dream of mine ... and for that i want the brain of a kid.. hehe.. :P


All Talk and No Action said...

Bahut achhe vichaar hain...

Why would you want a stamp of approval from people?

Neki aur pooch pooch?

Anonymous said...

Great Thoughts !!!!

Even if 10% of the people start thinking in similar lines things would be much better..

Wish you realize all your dreams..:-)

ashkd said...

@All Talk No Action.. Thanks!! :-) i wish ye achchhe vichar implement bhi achchhe se ho jayein.. :-)

i am not looking for a stamp.. this just happens when someone says that i would be a great father or when we discuss about doing something for population or problems of india or when elders of family discuss about why to get married and when they are quite sure to see the next generation or may be when i just ponder on something and not just thinking in my brain, my mouth just opens up and words pop out... hehe..

i believe its important to be discussed as i won't like my "would be" to take this decision of mine as liability.. if i get someone with such thoughts then its perfect, else i would have to tweak things a bit... so its also randomly scattering my thoughts.. :P

@Anonymous... Thanks!! :-) i would love to know you rather than tag you as stranger.. do write your name.. pleaseeeeee :-)

preposterous girl said...

Very good thinking I must say..but the thing which stood out for me is.. (no, actually two things )
1.U used 'Her' for God..I have never seen Her for God..U rock :)

2.U want to give 'Motherly love' tp ur adopted children..

my heart goes out for the so-called unwanted children.Deprived of their childhood they are forced into work, sexual abuse and other anti-social activities..

ashkd said...

@preposterous.. i use Her for God as i dont see the tolerance that a God should have, in males.. She has to be mother to forgive and to give so much affection..
also, i believe that fatherly love is somewhat biased.. the purest love is of mother.. i want that love to give.. wish its possible.. :-)

i totally agree with your concerns.. i am also moved to such states..

keep writing.. your blog is a nice place.. please do share your name.. :-)

preposterous girl said...

In the online world people knw me as PG only..U can also say me that..Let me be in disguise..A li'l mischivieous personality is interesting sometimes!! :-)

ashkd said...

@pg... hehe.. perfectly fine.. i could see that 'pg' at your pingbox.. :-)
when is the next exam??

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog... :-)
You inspire me to THINK , trust n love....

ashkd said...

@Anonymous.. i am so obliged to your nice comment!! thanks.. :-) please do tell me about your identity.. would love to know.. :-)

Anonymous said...

U already know me dear.. :-)

ashkd said...

@Anonymous.. thats nice to know.. :-)