Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Move on!!!

elections' drama.. results unfolded.. some happy faces of 'V' signs.. some sad non-visible-known-high-profile-faces.. later the acceptance of defeat.. winnings.. defeats..

IPL drama.. everyday changing equations.. everyday some big hits.. some silly misses.. the hard-working-risk-taking-mysterious-winning moments..

some riots.. a toofan which has taken my college campus in its attack as well..

some nuclear testing.. some breaking of promises..

some exam results.. some expectations met.. some more set for even higher ones..

some new lives.. some super successes.. some promises of those successes.. some heart breaking pieces and some despairs to not-to-arrange the pieces again.. some courage to fight back with even more spirits..

my life sums up all the melodrama seeing, happening at the centre stage of so many things.. i can't follow everything.. i try to as much.. and in all this i read somewhere which was related to my earlier post as well..

we all go up.. come down.. and then start again.. we say to ourselves or someone says to us.. 'its not the end of life..' we understand it and life moves again.. as we have the understanding or illustration or dream or passion or dilemma or clueless decisions or the most mundane things about our 'life' as such.. and we do things.. the next things in hand.. as we know that this is not 'the end'..

but.. but.. but.. think about people who have some incurable disease like AIDS.. what can you tell them.. they don’t have the next things of their lives.. they can live but they do not know what the living at their present is.. or what the living would be in their future.. or do they have even stamina or strength to live for the next moments as well??.. they have pains of different kind that we cannot even think of.. they have their past.. they have their presents which is declining everyday with lesser moments every time to be called as 'present'.. future is so bleak that they can’t even think of thinking about it..

but that doesn’t sum up the all of it.. think about those kids who have got this disease.. they do not have their hands in it.. they have just got it.. destined to get it.. destined to live it.. they don’t have the phenomenon of life as such.. what they had started with, cannot be termed as life.. their condition started as death only.. some of them must have learned to do the basic needs of their life, in that unknown pain of the disease.. why did they learn all that when there is no future of all those... maybe when he would get the idea to use things for the future by this learning of the present, by then the future won’t be there at all to be liven up.. still things happen for them as well.. the worst thing is the society which do not accept them.. they are not the part of the daily life.. or life of the society... is this the picture we are posing to them.. is it we are telling them.. is it for which we are created..

what’s all this!!!

and the life still moves on???


ashkd said...

@PG.. same for me as well.. lurked your comment-cum-mail multiple times.. and i am replying NOW.. after 4 days.. :P

I also have lot to say.. for the topic and for your comment as well.. i never think that the post was complete or the thoughts in this regard can ever be concluded in words without any significant actions.. i guess this happens for all of us.. when we think that we have so much to say, we cant confine it in the boundaries of the words.. we try to choose the right words.. we dont get those but whatever we write becomes the perfect one... as your comment.. to say the least, i really liked your comment.. wish to hear more about your thoughts again.. :-)

I had read your post 'move on'.. i have read all your posts btw.. :-) as i had already said..that was one of the loveliest written true feelings by anyone..

I totally agree that we all are equally vulnerable to anything.. but the gravity or the effect of similar thing could be more or lesser based upon your initial conditions.. like if you loose 1000Rs, it is a big deal.. but you would forget in a few days.. but someone on the footpath would have to live life with all the difficulties for at least 2 weeks to compensate that loss.. similarly, when we think about our pain, we have a few pains which most of the people know in the world.. my objective was to pose ourselves in the position of those unknown pains which we never think of.. AIDS is just one example.. being an orphan is another one... there are other pains as well which are at the extreme ones.. my objective is to let people think that..

1. we should do something to let those painful people to enjoy the moment with normal people. let them live life whatsoever small it is..

2. we should also be happy in the states where we are.. as we still donot know the harsh realities of different lives.. we have our own pains which are the part of in general to everyone's life.. when we go sad, we should think about the reasons to be happy for our current states..

I know that writing a post is not a job done.. but i want to think and let this thinking to spread and also it should not die in me as well.. the blog/post would give me also to check my feelings emotions time to time.. :-)

I agree that living in present is the best solution for anything in the world.. i am a strong believer, supporter of it.. but making a better tomorrow and then living in that present is a better option.. isnt it?? :P i believe that we should not 'worry' about the future.. give best to make it better.. and then whatever comes in your hands, accept it with a smile.. dont complain ever.. :-)

My campus , IIM Cal has got shock of toofan.. i could see the trees, big trees just outside of my room.. those were totally crashed.. from the root itself.. a crane would have taken long to finish this job.. i have seen the devastating rains in the campus but these pics were really horrifying..

ya.. that friend is also using my chat box.. just like you had innovated the platform.. hehe.. i am quite pleased with my template.. have done changes according to my choices and requirements.. did some coding as well.. :-) pingu is superb but haven't got to use it after we talked.. hope to catch up soon.. :-)

you should daily see my 'featured video' section.. i started with one the most favorite songs of mine.. baawra man.. big fan of it.. then i posted.. mera kuchh saman.. then.. do deewane shahar mein.. thinking about new one now.. :-)

i am going to post another post with the extreme imaginations of feelings once again.. do check. :-)

and see.. i have beaten you with my length of the reply.. hehe.. :P

cheerssssss PG.. :-)

All Talk and No Action said...

Are you working with such kids on any special projects??

Btw...Nice template !! :)

ashkd said...

@Mukta.. nahi yaar.. abhi tak to nahi.. i would love to.. lets see.. might be very soon.. read the last reply to my comment to know why i have put this post.. :-)

thanks for the comment.. template+coding karke bana hai ye naya look.. :-)

All Talk and No Action said...

engg hone ka ek yehi fayda hai...manpasand keeda kiya ja sakta hai :)

Btw...Abhinav ne apne blog ko "by Invite" bana diya hai kya??

I can't access it anymore...

ashkd said...

@Mukta.. hehe.. keede karte rahne chahiye warna dimag mein shaitani karte rahte hain.. :P me and astha (must be knowing her as well.. HK singy IIMC) had designed and maintained the IIMC business fest intaglio site.. tab bhi sab seekh kar kiya tha aaj bhi wahi karta hooon.. jugad... :P

abhinav ne to engagement hote hee itna bada change kiya.. mera to wingmate hai aur mereko bhi access nahi.. :-((((((

All Talk and No Action said...

Yup, i do know astha...

Abhinav achanak Privacy ko lekar itna senti kaise ho gaya??

write to him and let him know that he shall lose a fan if he doesn't stop this snooty stuff :)

ashkd said...

i have no idea why this happened.. even i don't have any touch with him except his blog.. so i am no different from you to ask him anything.. :-)

waise.. he has got the biggest and lifelong fan for him.. so we all do not exist in his fan list now.. :P

ashkd said...

the last comment is surely to you mukta..

All Talk and No Action said...

yeh baat achhi nahi...

Pehle toh 4 saalo tak duniya ko apni ife ka hissa banao...

Unse achhi baatein share karo...unhe hasao/rulaao...

Aur fir achanak gum ho jaao...

ashkd said...

@ Mukta.. hey.. i just now checked it.. some 5 mins back.. and i could access his blog.. i hope he is still engaged.. hehe... :P

you also try it.. :-)

All Talk and No Action said...

bach gaya Abhinav !!

Warna mai uski Fan list se hat jaati :)

ashkd said...

@Mukta... uski fiance ne bola hoga.. ya to iss ghar mein main rahoongi ya phir ye blog.. :P