Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A new day...

This happens to many people.. all of us have faced it somewhere.. getting the trauma and then coming out of this.. surely its not easy a task... people who are strong and positive, they portray to the outer world that they can easily cope up with the situations and are easily out of everything, but reality is that they have only minimised the sorrow,grief that they had to suffer... positivity helps them to take this setback as normal as possible.. but as all of us are human being, there is always that "presence" felt and we all fight to minimize our diversion towards that "presence" only..

Over the time things start looking better.. thats once again for the people who are positive towards life.. they always perceive the old memories as the good ones.. the bad ones are mostly removed thanks to the attitude that they have.. negativity never let a person to think about that the past was good.. for him or her, there had been all kinds of difficulties of life that they have faced and this is the first thing that they want to project for themselves.. i dont say that they want to arrange some kind of sympathy for themselves.. this feeling is always implicit... but surely, they dont have any problem with people feeling pity for them..
The people, the situations, the issues, the solution and then moving on.. life is all about it.. people who want to be multitasker, they are always busy doing all these things as fast as possible... so that they can move to the next thing of life..

now i should also move on to the next thing.. :-)

~Good day!!!

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