Thursday, March 20, 2008

Comp.. ads.. soaps.. happiness..

I love this idiot box.. is it just because there is some possibility of some creativity.. or because there are more activities.. or because there is internet here.. and music.. and movies.. and most importantly there is choice of mine to decide on things.. the customization provided by the computer makes me more towards it as compared (finally the thing comes.. ) to TV..

but when I drive, I don’t prefer listening my own CD.. I prefer FM.. where there is no customization.. but actually, there is no room for customization while I am driving.. as the time spend inside the car is very small to involve myself for this customization and also there is no relax time to concentrate on the songs.. Moreover.. the talks in between the songs in FM make it more interesting than just listening to plain songs.. there are two aspects of liking those chit-chats in between the songs.. first, I like talking to people and understanding them.. and second, I like ads more as compared to the soaps or movies.. those are short, sweet, full of creativity and thus give more space to think beyond what is said within the commercial..

though I have said it many a times that I don’t like TV or I don't like having continuity in front of the TV.. I like a few serials.. I just noticed this.. normally, I like reality shows.. award functions.. action oriented channels.. some songs with FM kind of chatting.. and there are a few operas I like.. in recent era of long.. very long.. extremely long soaps.. the first one I liked was.. "kya hoga nimmo ka..".. I liked her sweet gestures.. the random events happening... there was always some surprise element in that.. and the innocence with which she was handling everything of her life.. in the most chaotic way.. I also liked when she used to talk to God.. for small.. very small things.. it was all cute.. :-)

the second one was.. "ek chabhi hai pados mein.." it has some kind of different lineup for the story.. there is some community of a locality.. and people within that locality are living like a big home.. there are people.. many people.. I love to be with people.. I love community/team type environment.. I like sharing part of the soap... and I like the girl in the serial.. she is again.. sweet.. innocent.. slightly arrogant.. but that too with a lovely sense of accepting the mistakes.. the chemistry between the girl and the guy is portrayed very well.. it gives a soothing sense and I can easily be lost in the serial..

the third one is the most recent one.. and I just watched it.. out of these three serials, this is the one which I wait for.. I was used to search Nimmo but didn't wait for it.. this is "radha ki betiyan kuchh kar dikhayengee..".. I like the family in the serial.. the love that all the people within the family share is really great.. it gives a happy feeling.. very happy.. there are different personalities of the three girls.. they are serious.. they are giggling.. they are focused but confused.. and their mother is good for everyone.. there are many hidden stories which are unfolding right now.. which are again projecting that people are sweet, actually.. this gives a sense that people in the world are not bad.. in general.. there are circumstances which might corrupt them for sometime.. but their core values are not normally bad.. when I get up after watching it.. I get a broad smile.. very big and my heart becomes very happy..

I don’t know this is the reality or just the coincidence.. all three serials are feminist.. mainly, these are the serials which deal with people.. softer aspects of the personality.. are emotional.. are not projecting any kind of ulterior motives.. are projecting love for family.. have all shades of moods of the people... still maintaining the respect and love for the people around.. have family bonding and a complete sense of happiness all around..

~be happy.. and have more core values so as to have better bonding with people around you.. love the world as it’s very lovely.. :-)

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