Sunday, March 16, 2008

thinking doesn't kill you.. it kills only the sleep.. :-)

I wonder why i think so much in the night.. may be coz thats the time when someone feels very close to himself or herself and lots of things start coming to the mind in the complete silence of the surroundings.. this time i can only listen the fan and a dog barking at street..

Sometimes i feel that i am not a Virgo.. but when i read about sun sign analysis, i find many qualities which are genuinely common with me and the typical Virgo of them being, giving structure to any difficult problem.. but being non-expressive about the analysis or not able to take the decisions for things, make me believe that i am not a virgo.. may be i am a refined Virgo.. a better or worse.. i dont want to argue..

Did a similar thing today.. was quite puzzled after he had called me up.. he is an iit student.. i was not able to think how i would motivate him.. so i took the leave from any kind of indulgence with this thought process and thought that i would handle him then and there.. had gone to iit to meet him.. he was quite depressed with the state of affairs happening to him.. till half an hour i tried to get the details of all the interviews that have happened till now and then i tried to move on and give him some kind of inspirational speech.. it was not working.. he ia a shy guy and over the time he is open to me.. wanted to go to the core of the problem.. i know that he has not many interests and most of his hobbies are related to dry stuffs.. after half an hour, i asked him one question.. have you ever liked any girl in your life.. there was some kind of spark in his eyes and those were big now.. with a full broad smile on the face of the acceptance that he is a man.. and i didnt need to question that there had been only one girl in life and that too without any good conversation.. being friend is not possible till now.. even after 8 years of knowing.. this gave me a new thinking idea..

facial expressions.. all of us use some kind of facial expression everyday.. it could be saying yes by nodding or saying no also.. with a kind of big laughter or just a wink... shrugging the shoulders to say its ok... or just shedding tears every now and then.. its not just about the making faces.. to be true to your heart and a sudden reaction on your face gives the correct picture... the lie detector works on the concept of pulses but i beleive the expression detector could be a better way of solving the truth-lie dilemma..

there are moments when you cant stop crying even if you want to.. in those times you cant just think of anything else and there is nothing like anger in expressing those tears.. the genuine cry lasts for a much longer duration with all kinds of sobs after it.. plus a sad face with a low energy state .. tears with anger do not give you that kind of solace to just think about yourself.. those might give you a bad energy to do something wicked..

similarly a laughter with a cracked and fluctuating smiling face suggests that you are just showing that you are happy.. a constant after effect of being happy is that your face might be fixed at one place and that contagious smile might last even after the cause of smile is lost.. as once again its from the inside..

liking someone doesnt give you proper eye-contact and hating someone-still-being-diplomatic cant stop you being mocking, smirking, smugging at regular intervals..

the joy to do something gives you extra enegery and you could be seen doing something which you might not perform at normal hours.. after effect could be some ache.. broken bones or some doses of pain killers..

achievement gives your body a curve structure with a broad chest bulging out.. the arrogance of the same gives your eye level at the third balcony of a theatre.. winking with a smile gives some kind of mischief.. while winking with a smug gives a signal of some alterior motives..

May be i am defining too many stereotypes here... actual things might be very different.. this gives another open space to analyse things in a more subtle way.. may be i am overcriticising at times.. another quality of virgo.. haha!!!

~good that other people are also writing now.. keep it up pranky.. now time to say good night... there are too many things happening..

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Thanks for being there..... when I needed........... through a trying time of my life.......