Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drive Safely...

Drive safely.. Its better said than done.. I did another mistake after approximately 6 months.. though this time the effect was not that much.. I didn't hit anyone.. but if I had hit, this would have been a big accident because of my over-speed.. and the logic for that speed was that I was not feeling well.. was a bit frustrated.. slightly angry.. this shouldn’t have been the case.. I should have taken proper care.. I shouldn’t have done it.. it’s a guilty feeling that I am going through with.. I lost temper.. for some 30 seconds.. and those seconds could have turned to become a big mistake.. have cool.. calm temper.. specially while you are on road..

When you know that people are not having sense of traffic.. when they see that some vehicle is coming.. even then they are very very slow on the road and stop at middle as well.. isn’t it their responsibility to have some sense while walking down the road.. I know that I should have my onus.. I should be at the best while driving or anything.. why to expect that the other person would act rationally.. the only thing that I can do is to be rational from my side itself.. this is a great learning for me for the day.. I should take the proper care while handling such small streets..

The day was very good yesterday.. it had many shades.. some light moments.. some talks.. some masti.. some gyan.. some chilling out time with some friends.. some discussions.. some events sharing.. some thoughts.. some time-pass.. some random bakwas of other people who are just playing politics within the locality.. some detective work.. some frustration of the after effect of it.. some messaging.. some calls.. and at the end of the day.. the same sleepless night.. this time it was completely sleepless.. spent the entire night just waiting for the morning.. but as usual it took those many hours that it normally takes.. and had to be up to bear the patience of waiting throughout.. thought to start internet again.. write something.. but before that I wanted to have some conversations with a couple of friends.. which I haven’t yet done.. there is priority list in those two people.. I am still not through with the first one..

The day has started with clouds.. the weather is better.. there is smell of paint as office is getting painted before the new batches start.. I am still escapist.. but I am doing something so that I won’t be escapist when the time would require me not to be.. the path from home to office is still the same.. the people on the road are slightly more coz of the weather.. my home is looking a colored canvass after the holi.. Its not looking bad but it should have been looking better, had I taken the right decision.. the roads are still showing the signs of Holika dahan.. some ashes.. some bricks.. some logs are still lying there..

~ A new day has come!!!

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LIFE..... said...

Atleast you thought about the incident. Most of the people they dont even think about these things again. Till they......you can understand.

No worries everyone owns road in our city.....hahhaha.

And always remember while driving, that only you r havin eyes rest all are blind. Then chances of such accidents will reduce to minimum.