Monday, March 24, 2008

the mounts... and the beauty...

Surprisingly enough.. I am again here.. within the same day.. in some hours only.. I was reading a blog of one of the friends of my friend..

It was a complete story of the adventure that they had during their college days.. this reminded me of many trips that I had been through till now in my life.. those were just amazing just like he has mentioned and described in his blog.. one of the most recent ones is the one we had last year.. same days.. 3rd week of march.. just after the placements.. when we were totally chilled out.. not thinking about anything. Enjoying the craziest things in life.. having conversation which were not about anything.. evening cricket.. watching movies.. everyday, the dinner was out.. and we had common passion to live the last days of the campus life at our best..

Now its been a year almost and the memories are not seen on the faces of all of us.. we have moved to different lifestyles.. people are working and having endless work on the day time and most of them prefer saying good night as early as 11 in the night.. (oops!! We couldn’t never think of going to sleep at 11 in campus.. we could have thought to get up at this time and do all kind of night out kind of things to keep our souls satisfied that we didn't waste time in the night.. :-) ) the special effect while returning back was very frightening.. I could feel the grip of pranky’s hand on my leg which was showing his fear on those curvy paths of Sikkim in the completely foggy roads and the car running at an amazing speed of more than 70 kmph, just following the truck moving just ahead of us… the only thing that we could see was the rear lights of that truck and the distance was not even 3-4 meters.. everyone of us just seeing in front as if the TV is on in the night and lights are also off of the room.. we were just praying that we should reach safely to the end of the road.. Priyanka, for the first time, tied the seat belt.. on one of the corners, the car was very very close to jump off the road to the river at unknown deep height.. finally, after half an hour, we could see the fog getting clear.. we all had happy smile on our faces.. we could see the road now.. those paths were looking very normal now which were very scary in the normal circumstances.. and most importantly, we had complete confidence on the driver now.. he was now our hero.. an expert and a complete life saver for all of us..

Though this incidence might seem a scary one, I had been to two near death experiences in just two days of difference.. these two incidences were again in Sikkim only.. in my very first trip to the place, under the guidance of Malli mastan babu.. the first one was my mistake and the second one was the crazy decision of Malli..

I have been to Sikkim three times now and I enjoyed each and every bit of it.. the mountain ranges of Himalaya.. the paths.. the weather.. the ultimate greenery.. small falls.. big falls.. the cold water.. low air.. borders.. red plants.. the low density of population.. Monuments.. food.. the shopping areas.. the night picturesque scenes.. special walks.. special talks.. gift items.. there is so much of life in every bit of Sikkim that you want to live it.. be there..

I liked the trekking to Gomukh as well.. that trek was a courageous trek.. it was about sweat.. constant walk.. lesser picturesque moments.. but those were special.. really special.. the white mounts.. the brown mounts.. the green mounts.. all shades at one place.. the places where greenery is not visible that much.. but the sun light was so much that you wont be able to open your eyes properly.. an ultimate chilly night.. and so much headaches of all the people.. the scene of the glacier was amazing as well.. and the flow of Ganga at the tip of it was much bigger to imagine..

There was a feeling of conscience in uttaranchal.. while Sikkim makes you to be lost in the beauty.. the greenery of Sikkim makes your heart to melt at every place.. the mounts of Uttaranchal make you feel proud and grow big like those sky touching giants.. the vastness of Uttaranchal is the logical bend of mind.. Sikkim is the emotional touch of human beauty.. You can meditate in Uttaranchal but you cannot do anything other than to be in love for Sikkim..

~ its being happy.. being successful.. being proud.. being humble.. trying to be with life.. making life altogether.. the life is beautiful.. live it at every moment..

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